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Processing Solutions

We are the official sales agents and Technical Support team for the Drywite range of preservatives and Processing Aids for the Vegetable Processing Industry in the UK.

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Processing Equipment

To compliment our services to the processing industry, we supply a range of new and reconditioned equipment for vegetable processors.

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Consultancy & Training

We offer our clients consultancy projects combined with personnel training to ensure that they remain at the forefront of the industry.

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Contract Growing

This service offers clients the opportunity develop their current growing supply base to strengthen their own geographical spread without the need for management input.

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Harrogate Potato Show 2021

Excellent two day show meeting new and existing customers. This year we demonstrated a wide range of our potato processing... Read More →

Agritec Water Chilling Units Hydro-Coolers

Ideal for falling film or submerged water chilling. Glycol filled for food safety requirements. Can be built to any size/project... Read More →

Harrogate UK Potato Show 2019

We had a variety of equipment at the show including the all new Agritec size grader. The size grader is... Read More →

Why Choose Us?

We offer our clients consultancy projects combined with personnel training to ensure that they remain at the forefront of the industry. New product development is an integral part of our business and using our skills and experience we can deliver new and exciting products and varieties. Our consultancy focuses on line processing efficiencies to ensure that customers remain profitable. Adjustments in the process may improve product quality and ultimately provide the client with a more streamlined and efficient business.
We believe that our practical approach to develop our clients is of paramount importance. Our ability to integrate fully into the business and monitor the changes ensures profitable results. We are extremely active within the Industry to drive any change forward which we know will benefit the our clients business. 
We are committed to the highest standards within the industry whether this is advising on field production or processing. We embrace industry code of practises and encourage our clients to early adopt in order that they differentiate and excel.
Our business encompasses all fresh produce and provides a full service from ‘field to fork’. Our diverse range of work ensures that we can offer our clients professional advice, support and training from agronomy to NPD work. Using our own in house team of experienced advisors we also have access to a range of external support which ensures that we can undertake most projects. In recent years we have undertaken many turn key projects from conception to full production. Our experience has highlighted key strategic partners in the UK and across Europe to provide the best and proven technology which ensures the latest technology and innovation is applied to every process.
Our service is extremely unique as we take extreme pride from the very beginning. Crop planning, field selection, rotations, growing. harvesting are all integral parts of production however we firmly believe that is is essential to control the second phase  from handling, washing, peeling and processing. When all processes are brought together and managed correctly the results are usually industry leading.
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