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Metal Detectors.

Product Description

Depending on your application we can supply metal detectors to suit your particular product and desired reject and alram system. Stop on Detect Reject the conveyor simply stops if metal is detected and an alarm is sounded, enabling the operator to simply remove the contaminated product from the production line. Air-Blast Reject contaminated products are ejected by a concentrated burst of compressed air. Pusher Reject pneumatically powered pushers divert contaminated product out of the production flow. Retracting Band Reject a section of the conveyor automatically retracts allowing the contaminated product to fall into a bin below the conveyor. Lockable reject bins to receive and hold contaminated products. Metal Detector Conveyor Systems can be supplied with lockable reject bins that ensure that no rejected product can be returned to the production flow. Failsafe reject confirm, line block and bin full sensors add to your security and assist in retailer compliance.

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