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Vegetable & Salad Washing Equipment.

Product Description

The traditional way of washing fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and frozen food is both time consuming and usually does not guarantee the removal of all unwanted insects and dirt. The problem of washing large quantities without damaging the structure and quality of vegetables, salads, etc, is easily solved with the ATIR range of machines. Nilma have carefully researched the various problems and have developed a system which uses an adjustable whirl or vortex with constant clear water. The water penetrates the product in depth and gets rid of all the impurities even from the most irregular of vegetables like spinach. Nilma offer five models of ATIR to meet the varying demands and customer requirements. Nilma have a machine for each size of undertaking from 100 to above 1000 people. There specialized technology and engineering ensures good results within a cycle time of 2 to 3 minutes. The following models are available: ATIR I ATIR II ATIR III ATIR I Tilting ATIR II Tilting Description

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